Bill Poorman

Writer and multimedia producer


Bill Poorman is a writer and multimedia producer. He lives in downstate Illinois in the Village of Morton, about ten miles outside of Peoria.

His interests include economics, politics, journalism, religion, and history.

For the last several years, Bill has been a member of the unpaid economy – that is, he’s been a stay-at-home dad, raising two boys.

Prior to that he worked in public radio and TV as a reporter, news director, and as an on-air radio and TV host for local and statewide programs. Bill won numerous awards for his journalism.

Bill is also¬†active in several non-partisan political groups in the Peoria area, including as a board member of League of Women Voters of Greater Peoria, a leader with Illinois People’s Action, and as the founder and co-host of the Peoria chapter of Drinking Liberally, a social group for liberals and progressives.

Bill is a life-long resident of the Great Lakes region and proud of it.

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